Thursday, 31 May 2012

Symbol of modern woman

Here is a story of a woman who was born in 50s in a coservative family. She was raised under the influence of her brothers who could only share debts, hungry and wisdom! With all the difficulties, only thing she could do is to think. The situation and environment taught her to struggle and fight against all the odds. She did what was dreamt off during that time and scored 100/100 in Mathematics examination and completed her graduation with an aim to do masters. However, the situation was not in her favor to go in that route even though brothers intention was to secure a masters degree. With chances to go for higher education became narrow and she decided to find an employment. With the dreams of getting a masters degree fell apart, she got through in one of the govt services and secured a job. She did there for couple of years and left to join one of the banking firms. All this happened during the time where this part of world was not used to that. 

From then onwards, it was just the journey many of us really envy of. She got married and a baby was born. Because of domestic issues and because she was working, she was compelled to leave the capital and go back to her birth place so that baby survives and succeeds. With a monthly salary of 300 rupees, she and her husband had the audacity to build a house for her family and she did it in 2 years. Life continued for many years like that and situation changed 90s. Her children were not babies anymore and her life was as nice as possible. When she was thinking everything was going smoothly, she was made to travel to another town. She was tensed because kids were very young and but again showed the same attitude which she showed when she relocated from capital. She succeeded in that too. In last decade, it was smooth ride for her with both kids settled. However, she had to face a near-deadly blow in 2009. All these years, the situations which came across never demanded anything like now. It was her health and all the struggles that she put over the years were about to give fruits; but health did not join with her this time for party. But, she was adamant and she had the single pursuit of completing her service in the banking firm and want to see the things which she wanted to see during her struggling days. That single pursuit of living life saved her from deadly disease and everything seems to be normal for her now.

Today is the day when she has to retire from her service! Today is her last day at office which gave her an enormous support during struggling days. This is the day she really wanted to see and the day has arrived. 

Who is she? She is my mother. According to me, people like her represent the idealism of a modern woman! I think this can go as the fine example for women empowerment. 

When I look back, it is mixed bags for me. I think I never had lunches with my mother! When I came home for lunch during school/college days, the empty chairs were my companions! After my education, I had to leave my hometown and settle here and again I am missing my lunches. However, I do not regret about it! It was a compromise we had to make and now it is giving me the fruit. I hail you Amma! I salute thee! 



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